SRE Weekly Issue #207

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Host extraordinaire, Benton Rochester, talks with Gene Kim about DevOps and his excellent new book, The Unicorn Project. Don’t miss this highly-anticipated episode of Ship Happens, the Splunk + VictorOps podcast:


The scenario: a seemingly botched landing, a finding of human error, and retraining for the errant pilots. The author recasts the entire incident in a much more realistic light that shows that the pilots’ actions were perfectly reasonable.

Robyn Ironside — Safety Differently

Just exactly what would it take to (reliably) run your own git server internally?

Chris Siebenmann

In this two part series, The Morning paper takes on John Allspaw’s master’s thesis from Lund University. Here’s part two.

Adrian Colyer — The Morning Paper (summary)

John Allspaw — Lund University (original paper)

The section toward the end under the heading “Things need to get worse before they get better.” especially resonated with me.

Hannah Culver — Blameless

Incident response and improvisational music share a lot in common.

Matt Davis — Verica


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