Sponsorship Information

Thanks for your interest in sponsoring SRE Weekly, but I’m not currently accepting new sponsors.

However, you may not need to sponsor to get your message out to SRE Weekly readers.  Instead, why not post an article of interest to SREs?  Writing about skills and techniques your company has learned, sharing your processes and analyses of your incidents, and even open sourcing your tooling is a great way to get the attention of the kinds of people you’re looking to reach — and it’s arguably more effective than a banner ad.

Looking to hire SREs?  Show potential prospects what kind of company they might get to work for, and tell them about the projects you’re working on.  Looking to get folks to check out your service?  Talk about the kinds of problems it solves, why they’re difficult, and why solving them is important.  As a note, folks will tend not to enjoy reading an article-length advertisement for your product.  It’s often better to include a brief mention of your offering at the bottom of your article, if you mention it at all.

We all win if you create something that SRE Weekly readers will enjoy.  Posted something you think might interest them?  Drop me an email with a link and I’ll consider it for inclusion.

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