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I’d call this an FAQ, but who am I kidding? ┬áNo one’s asked me these questions.

Are you trying to replace DevOps Weekly?

No. I’m a subscriber of DevOps Weekly and I find it very useful. I mean no disrespect to Gareth by starting SRE Weekly. DevOps methodologies can be an important facet of overall service reliability, but I found myself wishing for more articles about certain areas and I haven’t yet found them in SRE Weekly or any other curated newsletters/blogs. My hope is that SRE Weekly can complement DevOps Weekly and that some readers may enjoy subscribing to both newsletters.

Can I suggest articles?

Please! You can reply to the email newsletter or email me directly at my first name at this domain.

What’s with the Outages section?

Through retrospectives and root cause analyses, we investigate incidents in our own organizations in an attempt to learn from them and prevent similar problems in the future. I love reading detailed public postmortems from other companies, because they very often provide lessons that I can apply to my own organizations. We can all share information and grow together, and meanwhile our infrastructures will find new and fascinating ways to fail.

My goal here isn’t schadenfreude or highlighting the failures of others. I’m hoping that by tracking notable outages, I can go back and find postmortem analyses and share them in future issues. I don’t intend to list every single outage, but just the ones I find objectively interesting, educational, or likely to be followed by excellent postmortems.

What’s the logo all about?

I’ve worked at several companies that see global traffic of various sorts throughout the day and night, and over and over, I keep seeing this graph. Without more examples, I can only speculate at this point, but I like to think that this graph, a sine-curve with an extra hump, is the “heartbeat” of the global internet. I suspect that if your userbase spans enough of the globe, you may well see a graph like this too.

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