SRE Weekly Issue #206

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All the plans in the world can’t prepare us for every incident, and yet we can excel during incidents anyway. How?

Will Gallego

These pilots’ minds were almost literally sleeping. The air traffic controller gave them a command they could execute in their sleep: Descend and Maintain.

Along the same lines an incident caused this pilot to nearly forget how to fly, and yet she safely landed the plane with some reassurance by the ATC.

Today’s choice looks at what it takes for machines to participate productively in collaborations with humans.

Adrian Colyer — The Morning Paper (summary)

Klein et al. — IEEE Computer Nov/Dec 2004 (original paper)

A lot of things that are happening in your organization, your system, are largely invisible. And those things, that work, is keeping things up and running.

Lorin Hochstein

This followup covers incidents on January 22 and 24.

Tracking the number of incidents is almost never going to be useful, and is likely to be detrimental.

Rick Branson

Some good scenarios to think about, including an idea for chaos engineering with humans.

Dean Wilson


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