SRE Weekly Issue #397

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The length and complexity of this article hints at the theme that runs throughout: there’s no easy, universal, perfect rollback strategy. Instead, they present a couple of rollback strategies you can choose from and implement.

  Bob Walker — Octopus Deploy

This article delves into enhancing error management in batch processing programs through the strategic implementation of automatic safety switches and their critical role in safeguarding data integrity during technical errors.

  Bertrand Florat — DZone

Part of their observability strategy, which they call “shadowing”, is especially nifty.

  Lev Neiman and Jason Fan — DoorDash

It’s interesting that the DB failed in a way that GitHub’s Orchestrator deployment was unable to detect.

  Jakub Oleksy — GitHub

What exactly is a Senior Staff Engineer? While this article is not specifically about Senior Staff SREs, it’s directly applicable, especially as I’ve seen more Staff+ SRE job postings in the past couple years.

  Alex Ewerlöf

“Blameless” doesn’t mean no names allowed!

Remember—if discussing the actions of a specific person is being done for the sake of better learning; don’t shy away from it.

This series is shaping up to be a great study guide for new SREs.

Each day of this week brings you one step closer to not only acing your SRE interviews but also becoming the SRE who can leverage code & infrastructure to perfect systems reliability.

  Code Reliant

A fascinating and scary concept: a tool for automatically identifying and performing all the changes involved in deprecating an entire product.

  Will Shackleton, Andy Pincombe, and Katriel Cohn-Gordon — Meta

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