SRE Weekly Issue #387

A message from our sponsor, Rootly:

When incidents impact your customers, failing to communicate with them effectively can erode trust even further and compound an already difficult situation. Learn the essentials of customer-facing incident communication in Rootly’s latest blog post:


In this post, we’ll explore 10 areas that are key to designing highly scalable architectures.

The 10 areas they cover in-depth are:

  1. Horizontal vs. Vertical Scaling
  2. Load Balancing
  3. Database Scaling
  4. Asynchronous Processing
  5. Stateless Systems
  6. Caching
  7. Network Bandwidth Optimization
    8, Progressive Enhancement
  8. Graceful Degradation
  9. Code Scalability

  Code Reliant

Are you looking at the number of requests that were served successfully out of the total number of requests? Or the percentage of time the system was up and working properly?

  Alex Ewerlöf

This is my personal take on something that is considered standard that I just don’t understand. So here we go — the Apdex, what it is, and why I don’t use it!

  Boris Cherkasky

Here’s a great explanation of three common cognitive biases we should try to avoid while analyzing incidents.

  Randy Horwitz — Learning From Incidents

A horrifying tale of gitops gone wrong and backups that didn’t back up, leading to catastrophic data loss. This, this is what hugops is for. I’m so sorry, Lily!

  Lily Cohen

Here’s a followup analysis from Duo for an incident they had last week.

The first SRE hire at shares what they learned as they became familiar with the infrastructure and figured out what to do with it.

  Ben Wheatley — The New Stack

This is a story of building a new on-call rotation in a company that didn’t have one. They started out with a pretty awesome list of principles that we could all aspire to.

  Felix Lopez — The New Stack

Why should we test in production? This article gives a really spot-on argument and goes on to explain how to do it.

  Sven Hans Knecht

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