SRE Weekly Issue #350

A message from our sponsor, Rootly:

Manage incidents directly from Slack with Rootly 🚒.

Rootly automates manual tasks like creating an incident channel, Jira ticket and Zoom rooms, inviting responders, creating statuspage updates, postmortem timelines and more. Want to see why companies like Canva and Grammarly love us?:


Here’s what happens when you give an SRE access to an AI copy writer.


This episode of the DisasterCast podcast discusses designing a car such that when it fails, it is likely that the human can react instinctively to make the accident less severe.

  Drew Rae

Here’s a detailed followup for a Buildkite incident last month.


Does “Incident Commander” make sense, or would a better term be “Response Conductor”?

  Matt Davis

Can emoji during incident response improve shared understanding?

  Will Gallego — Jeli

This is cool: the Compressed Log Processor can search compressed logs without uncompressing them.

  Jack (Yu) Luo and Devesh Agrawal

If you enjoy performance engineering and peeling back abstraction layers to ask underlying subsystems to explain themselves, this article’s for you

  Matt Smiley — GitLab

Balancing holiday cheer and on-call rotations for one is tricky, but take it from me — two pagers under one roof is madness!

  Paige Cruz — Chronosphere

Updated: December 4, 2022 — 9:11 pm
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