SRE Weekly Issue #347

A message from our sponsor, Rootly:

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Rootly automates manual tasks like creating an incident channel, Jira ticket and Zoom rooms, inviting responders, creating statuspage updates, postmortem timelines and more. Want to see why companies like Canva and Grammarly love us?:


Check it out, a conference from the Learning From Incidents people!

Echoing Bainbridge’s Ironies of Automation, this article discusses the potential dangers of over-automation, using an air accident as a case study. I hadn’t been aware of the term “Children of the Magenta” before.

   Katie Mingle — 99% Invisible

There’s more to it than just hacking together some slack workflows.

   Ryan McDonald — FireHydrant

Honeycomb doesn’t do its SLOs “by the book”.

The way Honeycomb defines SLOs is radically different from what I expected. Instead of the definitions I wrote about at the beginning of this post, I saw:

  Reid Savage — Honeycomb
  Full disclosure: Honeycomb is my employer.

An anonymous Twitter engineer talks about what’s going on over there and how they think it might play out.

  Chris Stokel-Walker — MIT Technology Review

They rolled out automated rollbacks across a complex infrastructure, and in this article, they share the lessons they learned in the process.

  Will Sewell and Joseph Pallamidessi — Monzo

Okay. Here’s the Important Thing:

As you approach maximum throughput, average queue size – and therefore average wait time – approaches infinity.

  Dan Slimmon

It was not clear to the pilots that the fuel estimation system was not designed to be used in the way they were using it.

  Admiral Cloudberg

As is usually the case with air accidents, the crash of Air Florida flight 90 did not have a single cause. In fact, the accident was the result of the confluence of two proximate factors, each of which was itself the culmination of a long chain of errors.

  Admiral Cloudberg

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