SRE Weekly Issue #326

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Manage incidents directly from Slack with Rootly 🚒. Automate manual admin tasks like creating incident channel, Jira and Zoom, paging and adding responders, postmortem timeline, setting up reminders, and more. Book a demo (+ get a snazzy Rootly lego set):


Catchpoint and Blameless have teamed up on this year’s SRE survey. They’ve sweetened the deal with two $5 donations to charity for every survey completed. Go do it!

  Kurt Andersen — Blameless

I sure miss the good old “checkmark-i” icon. Oh wait, no I don’t.

  Jeff Martens — Metrist

How can you handle failure gracefully? Click through for 6 strategies to consider.

  Boris Cherkasky — Riskified

Declaring the first incident when you start a new job can be intimidating, but it really shouldn’t be. Let’s look at some common fears, and work out how to address them.

  Isaac Seymour —

The incident involved fiber equipment failure and a suboptimal automated remediation.


This is a primer on Urgency and Impact in incidents, including the difference between them and how to use them.

  Noor-ul-Anam Ruqayya — Blameless

Running retrospectives on near-miss incidents can be highly valuable, as this article discusses.

  Vanessa Huerta Granda — Jeli


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