SRE Weekly Issue #319

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Be judicious when you generate remediation tasks from incidents, or you can end up investing in the wrong area.

  Marc Brooker

Zendesk SRE has a set of 8 reliability principles that guide what they do.

  Jason Smale β€” Zendesk

We’re going to talk about a few necessities that enable exceptional incident management.

  1. Service ownership
  2. Incident roles
  3. The incident declaration process
  4. Running incident drills

  Robert Ross β€” FireHydrant

I don’t think you’re supposed to use Consul that way…

Read this article to follow along on an interesting design journey.

  Thomas Ptacek β€”

One single metric for availability probably can’t tell you the whole story.

Β Β Stephen Townshend β€” Slight Reliability

We can learn from the process another engineer takes to debug a problem. But often, a ticket or problem description is stripped of the process and just has the answer, hampering learning.

  Lorin Hochstein β€” The ReadME Project (GitHub)

We’re still not 100% there as a team, but I hope this article will serve as a reference for anyone who might create an SRE team in the future.

  @tjun β€” Mercari

This article gives 6 different ways to organize the findings from your retrospective to share with different audiences.

Β Β Vanessa Huerta Granda β€” Jeli

There’s a great reliability story in the way that the Hubble telescope and the Apollo missions used gimbals β€” and in the way that the JWST doesn’t.

  Robert Barron β€” IBM


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    • The US Internal Revenue Service’s systems went down on the due date for tax filing.

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