SRE Weekly Issue #317

Bit of a short issue this week, as I’m currently recovering from COVID-19. Please don’t worry! I seem to have a very minor case, likely thanks in large part to vaccination and masking. I mostly just feel tired.

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This first article about the RaDonda Vaught case gives background and an overview of why prosecuting a nurse for a medication error is a bad idea.

Sending a nurse to prison for causing a patient’s death may satisfy the thirst for vengeance, but it won’t make hospitals any safer.

  Jessie Singer — The Nation

And this one goes into more detail about Vaught’s case and medical error in general, from the perspective of a doctor.

  Rob Poston

GitHub shares more detail about their very rough March.

  Jakub Oleksy — GitHub

I formerly advocated that the point of a retrospective was to produce action items. Now, my opinion is more nuanced and along the lines of this article. Action items are important, but we can’t let them get in the way of learning.

  Emily Ruppe — Jeli

I’ve done this before without even meaning to, and looking back on it, it was a great strategy.

When you know that your work will be reviewed by an expert, it’s better to be clear and wrong than vague.

  Lorin Hochstein


  • Atlassian Cloud
    • This affects Jira, Confluence,, and OpsGenie. The incident has been ongoing for 5 days and counting.

  • Starlink
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