SRE Weekly Issue #278

A message from our sponsor, StackHawk:

Learn how our team at StackHawk tests external cookie authentication using Ktor, and check out some of the helper functions we wrote to make the tests easy to write, read, and maintain


Whoa.  This is the best thing ever.  I feel like I want to make this the official theme song of SRE Weekly.

Forrest Brazeal

Their auto-scaling algorithm needed a tweak. Before: scale up by N instances. After: scale up by an amount proportional to the current number of instances.

Fran Garcia — Reddit

here’s a look at incidents and reliability challenges that have occurred in outer space, and what SREs stand to learn from them.

JJ Tang — Rootly

This one includes 3 key things to remember while load testing. My favorite: test the whole system, not just parts.


SRE is as much about building consensus and earning buy-in as it is about actual engineering.


The definition of NoOps in this article is more clear than others I’ve seen. It’s not about firing your operations team — their skill set is still necessary.

Kentaro Wakayama

Even though I know what observability is, I got a lot out of this article. It has some excellent examples of questions that are hard to answer with traditional dashboards, and includes my new favorite term:

The industrial term for this problem is Watermelon Metrics; A situation where individual dashboards look green, but the overall performance is broken and red inside.

Nishant Modak and Piyush Verma — Last9

Instead, we should consider the fields there where practitioners are responsible for controlling a dynamic process that’s too complex for humans to fully understand.

Lorin Hochstein

In this epic troubleshooting story, a weird curl bug coupled with Linux memory tuning parameters led to unexpected CPU consumption in an unrelated process.

Pavlos Parissis —

Learning a lesson from a rough Black Friday in 2019, these folks used load testing to gather hard data on how they would likely fare in 2020.

Mathieu Garstecki — Back Market


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