SRE Weekly Issue #228

SRE From Home is back! It’s happening this Thursday, and I’ll be on the Ask an SRE panel answering your questions. And don’t miss the talks by lots of great folks, some of whom have had articles featured here previously!

A message from our sponsor, StackHawk:

StackHawk is built on the open source ZAP application security scanner, the most widely used AppSec tool out there. Now the founder of ZAP has joined our team to bring AppSec to developers. Read all about it.


They don’t. They just don’t.

[…] as deployments grow beyond a certain size it’s almost impossible to execute them successfully.

Alex Yates — Octopus Deploy

Whoops, forgot to include this one last week.

On June 30, Google’s email delivery service was targeted in what we believe was an attempt to bypass spam classification. The result was delayed message processing and increased message queuing.

My favorite part is the focus on blame awareness:

But it’s not enough to just be blameless—it’s also important to be blame-aware. Being blame-aware means that we are aware of our biases and how they may impact our ability to view an incident impartially.

Isabella Pontecorvo — PagerDuty

Netflix has a team dedicated to the overall reliability of their service.

Practically speaking, this includes activities such as systemic risk identification, handling the lifecycle of an incident, and reliability consulting.

Hank Jacobs– Netflix

Another good reference if you’re looking to bootstrap SRE at your organization.

Rich Burroughs — FireHydrant

Bill Duncan’s back with an easy and very close approximation for the “Tail at Scale” formula. The question it answers is: how many nines do you need on all of your backend microservices for X nines on the frontend?

Bill Duncan

Tons of great links in here with enticing descriptions to make you want to read them. Includes books, tools, hiring, certification, and general SRE goodness.

Emily Arnot — Blameless

SRE is all about keeping the user experience working, and working with product-focused folks can really help. For more on this, check out my former coworker Jen Wohlner’s awesome SRECon19 talk on SRE & product management.

Samantha Coffman — HelloFresh


  • Cloudflare
    • Cloudflare had a 50% drop in traffic served by their network subsequent to a BGP issue. Linked is their analysis including snippets of router configurations. Lots of services suffered contemporaneous outages possibly stemming from Cloudflare’s, including Discord, Postmates, Hosted Graphite, and DownDetector.John Graham-Cumming — Cloudflare
  • Twitter
    • Twitter had a major security breach, and as part of their response, they temporarily cut off large parts of their service. Click for their post about what happened.
  • GitHub
  • WhatsApp
  • Hulu
  • Snapchat
  • Microsoft Outlook
    • Notably, the outage involved the Outlook application that people run on their computer, not the cloud version.
  • Fastly
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