SRE Weekly Issue #224


Happy Juneteenth (a couple days late)!  Let’s all work to strengthen the SRE profession by working to improve inclusion and diversity.

A message from our sponsor, StackHawk:

Do you use GraphQL? Learn how to add security testing to your GraphQL backed applications with this walkthrough.


Diversity and inclusion make our companies stronger and more effective. This article has lots of links with evidence of why diversity matters and how to get your company on the road to improvement.

Sara Kassabian — GitLab

Starting on the road to chaos engineering is about more than just figuring out what experiments to run. Spreading knowledge and gaining buy-in before you start is critical.

Deven Samant — Business 2 Community

DNS propagation and inconsistent resolver behavior has bitten me so many times in my career.

Julia Evans

I don’t often have enough time to listen to podcasts, but when it’s these two, I had to. Jaime and Emil talk about post-incident reviews, geeking out about incidents, and their philosophy on publishing a zine.

Scott McAllister — Page It To the Limit Podcast (PagerDuty)

As so often happens, their attempts to fix a problem caused other problems. Has that happened to you? I’d love to read your story about it!

This article opens with a great story about how to help someone feel better when they are a contributing factor in an outage.

Tanya Reilly


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