SRE Weekly Issue #221

Don’t forget, Catchpoint’s SRE From Home event is happening this Friday. The speaker list has some names you’ll recognize from articles linked here in previous issues. See you there!

A message from our sponsor, StackHawk:

CI/CD has changed software engineering. Application security, however, has been left behind. Why doesn’t your CI pipeline have AppSec checks?


Casey Rosenthal tips over a herd of sacred cows with this talk that opens with 6 myths about reliable systems.

Casey Rosenthal — Verica

This is written as talking about scale during a job interview, and it’s a pretty good read even if you’re not interviewing right now.

Denise Yu

John Allspaw says we should ask “how”, not “why”. Hollnagel and Woods say that finding out why a joint cognitive system does what it does rather than how. Who’s right?

Lorin Hochstein

Yay, another issue! This one revolves around learning from incidents from organizations in other fields (Bose and NASA).

Jaime Woo and Emil Stolarsky — Incident Labs

This is a followup analysis of a Google Hangouts oiutage from last month.



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