SRE Weekly Issue #204

A message from our sponsor, VictorOps:

Continuous improvement, delivery, and integration typically sit at the forefront of DevOps. But, none of this is possible without a successful system for continuous testing. See how modern teams are creating a robust continuous testing framework:


In this talk, Dr. Richard Cook presents bone as the archetype for resilient systems, and shows us what we can learn about resilience engineering from medicine.

Richard Cook, MD — Adaptive Capacity Labs

Some interesting ideas on testing in production, involving developer instances that live right inside production and take a portion of production traffic.

Will Sargent

Keep in mind, though, that you aren’t really studying an incident at all: you’re studying your system through the lens of an incident.

Lorin Hochstein

This thread has an interesting analogy between alerts and code comments.

Shelby Spees

I’m really loving this thing where Adrian Colyer is going through classic works on The Morning Paper. Here’s his take on the STELLA Report.

Adrian Colyer — The Morning Paper (summary)

Woods et al. (original report)


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