SRE Weekly Issue #199

A message from our sponsor, VictorOps:

Ever find yourself asking, “How do I write Ansible playbooks for new Terraform servers?” Well, this new walkthrough from Splunk + VictorOps has your answer.


Domino model, Swiss Cheese model, stand aside. The Gamma Knife model is a nifty analogy for contributing factors.

Lorin Hochstein

Lots of great tips here for how to make things easier on yourself when you’re paged. Pave the way for your 3 am self to get things fixed and get back to sleep as soon as possible.

Katie McLaughlin (Sysadvent day 21)

Ooh, a new SRE podcast! PagerDuty started things up with 4 episodes right out of the gate.

Introducing “Page It To The Limit,” a new podcast by the Community team here at PagerDuty that discusses what it means to operate software in production.

Wow, I love the idea of this shadowing program. The author discusses incidents they saw and 5 things they learned while shadowing.

Tristan Read — GitLab


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