SRE Weekly Issue #189

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…no reason. Asking for a friend.

Daniel Kolitz — Gizmodo

Multi-cloud may not be your first choice — but it may not be your choice at all.

Krishnan Subramanian – StackSense

Should you deploy on a Friday?
If you’ve got the confidence in your build and deploy pipelines, go for it.
If you don’t, go build some confidence.

Mitch Pomery — DEV

This story was so good I read it twice. The little details under the hood of your automation tools can reach out and bite you.

Rachel by the Bay

D&D-themed game days!

Lukas van Driel — Q42

Some interesting details courtesy of leaked internal audio from Facebook.

Casey Newton — The Verge

How do they cheat? By making assumptions about where a read for a given datum is likely to come from.

Daniel Abadi

The incident was the result of mismatched library versions.


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    • PG&E is a power company in California, USA. They’re cutting power as a way of preventing the risk of fires starting from power lines blown around in high winds.
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