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As we discover more about the Boeing 737 MAX accidents, this author trolled through the ASRS database looking for related complaints.

Thanks to Greg Burek for this one.

James Fallows — The Atlantic

Learn about ASRS, the Aviation Safety Reporting System. Pilots and other aviation crew can report concerns anonymously, and the results are summarized regularly and reported to the FAA, NTSB, and other organizations.

Thanks to Greg Burek for this one.

Jerry Colen — NASA

I caught wind of a previous Boeing 737 issue from the 90s during a personal conversation this week. There’s an interesting parallel to the current 737 MAX issue, as Boeing blamed pilots for incorrectly responding to a “normal” flight incident for which pilots are routinely trained.

Various — Wikipedia

Dr Justine Jordan gives a personal account of how on-duty napping during extended overnight in-hospital duty hours as a trainee doctor eased her fatigue levels and raised her state of alertness

Dr. Justine Jordan — Irish Medical Times

circuit breakers aren’t great because server depends on clients to be configured correctly. throttling server-side is better

Circuit-breakers are great, but the service depends on the clients to be configured correctly. A server-side rate-limiting solution is more robust.

Michael Cartmell — Grab

The concept of an ACL-based authorization system is simple enough, but can be a challenge to maintain at scale.

Michael Leong — LinkedIn

We can tell one thing from the outside: it wasn’t a BGP issue.

Alec Pinkham — AppNeta


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