SRE Weekly Issue #136


Define goals, set agendas, and build SRE like a boss. SRE team lead, Jonathan Schwietert, discusses how to organize effective SRE meetings and cultivate a collaborative culture of resiliency:


This infographic shows how Ably’s client library and backend infrastructure is designed to work around many common failure modes. My favorite: they have redundant TLS certificates from distinct issuers.

Matthew O’Riordan — Ably

This article argues that spending a little time to fix staging can make production significantly more stable.

Michael Nygard

This is a story of a flawed development process on top of a flawed infrastructure, without the necessary data to drive decision-making. It’s also a story of waking up to these problems and charting a way out.


As it turns out, pure reasoning cannot solve the kind of problems you see in the production environment of a complex application. These problems are almost always more difficult, since they have survived all of the testing you could throw at them.

John Casey

A story of a somewhat rare failure case (a datacenter heat buildup event) and how to monitor for such a thing without contributing to metrics overload.

Pavel Trukhanov — okmeter

On twitter this week, @srhtcn noted that “Many incidents happen during or right after release” and asked for advice on ways to fix this.

Great advice, useful for managers and individual contributors.

Charity Majors


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