SRE Weekly Issue #239

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CI/CD has changed software engineering. Application security, however, has been left behind. Why doesn’t your CI pipeline have AppSec checks?


Don’t scale up farther than you need to! If you won’t ever see more than 100 RPS, don’t architect for 100,000.

Ayende Rahien

This one covers several common patterns of SRE practice and then offers insight on what to look for as you design your own SRE team.

Rob Cummings — Slalom Build

Abstractions make us more productive, and, indeed, we humans can’t build complex systems without them. But we need to be able to peel away the abstraction layers when things go wrong, so we can discover the implicit precondition that’s been violated.

Lorin Hochstein

Coordination between nodes in a distributed system can kill performance. What kinds of problems require coordination? The CALM theorem can tell us.

Joseph M. Hellerstein and Peter Alvaro — Communications of the ACM

Here’s another good post-incident analysis document template that you can use as inspiration for your own.

Hannah Culver — Blameless

As your product ages, it transitions from “cool new thing” to “tool everyone uses and expects to Just Work”. Your reliability needs will change accordingly.

Lyon Wong — Blameless


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