SRE Weekly Issue #178

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Containers and microservices can improve development speed and service flexibility. But, more complex systems have a higher potential for incidents. Learn how SRE teams are building more reliable services and adding context to microservices and containerized environments:


Imagine a database that promises consistency except in the case of a network partition, in which case it favors availability. That’s conditional consistency, and it’s effectively the same as no consistency.

Daniel Abadi

This is a story about distributed coordination, the TCP API, and how we debugged and fixed a bug in Puma that only shows up at scale.

Richard Schneeman — Heroku

Here’s more on the Australian Tax Office outage earlier this month.

Max Smolaks — The Register

Ever experience a total outage while your cloud provider still reports 99.999% availability? This one’s for you.


What’s good or bad to do in production? And how do you transfer knowledge when new team members want to release production services or take the ownership of existing services?

Jaana B. Dogan (JBD)

The internet is a series of tubes — the kind that transmit light. Favorite thing I learned: fiber optic cables are sheathed in copper that powers repeaters along their length.

 James Griffiths — CNN

How do you build a reliable network when faced with highly skilled and motivated adversaries?

Alex Wawro — DARKReading


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