SRE Weekly Issue #161

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Being on-call can suck. Without alert context or a collaborative system for incident response, SRE teams will have trouble appropriately responding to on-call incidents. Check out The On-Call Template to become the master of on-call and improve service reliability:


I’m not a fan of error budgets. I’ve never seen them implemented particularly well up close, though I know lots of folks who say it works for them.

I’ve started to feel a bit sour on the whole error budget thing, but I couldn’t really pin down why. This article really nails it.

Will Gallego

Will Gallego is my co-worker, although I came across this article separately.

I’m still hooked on flight accident case studies. In this one, mission fixation and indecision lead to disaster.

Air Safety Institute

If I was setting up curriculum at a university I’d make an entire semester-long class on The Challenger disaster, and make it required for any remotely STEM-oriented major.

This awesome article is about getting so used to pushing the limits that you forget you’re even doing it, until disaster strikes.

Foone Turing

A couple weeks back, I linked to a survey about compensation for on-call. Here’s an analysis of the results and some raw data in case you want to tinker with it.

Chris Evans and Spike Lindsey

Learn how this company does incident management drills. They seem to handle things much like a real incident, including doing a retrospective afterward!

Tim Little — Kudos


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