SRE Weekly Issue #125


Now is the time to start investing in DevOps. We sat down with Forrester’s Chris Condo to get an industry expert’s opinions on this exact topic:


Go’s HTTP client defaults to no timeout. Making HTTP requests with no timeout is rarely a good idea and has been at the heart of many incidents I’ve been involved in.

Nathan Smith

A few times now, I’ve made offhand comments about how Spanner promises a lot and I’d like to know what the catches are. Here they are! In all fairness, they’re pretty reasonable constraints to work with.

Niel Markwick and Robert Saxby — Google

I’d refer to this as more of a retrospective template, but in any case, it’s pretty nifty!

Michael Kehoe

This is a news report rather than a technical deep-dive. It’s got some pretty interesting (and amusing) stories from various MMOs.

Alex Wiltshire — PC Gamer

Here’s how Netflix does observability.

Kevin Lew and Sangeeta Narayanan — Netflix

Looks like I’ve missed a few incident followup posts from Heroku in the past couple months:

#1548: Increased errors in starting dynos
#1535: Post-incident Dyno Restarts
#1459: Scheduled API Maintenance on Monday March 26 at 23:00 UTC (4:00 PM PT)’
#1413: Dyno Availability
#1414: Heroku Connect Sync Delays
#1395: Heroku Connect Availability
#1393: Heroku Connect unavailable
#1379: Dyno boot issues


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