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A combination of the right people and the right tools create SRE-friendly environments. See the hundreds of tools and integrations that already work with VictorOps to make your people better and help you maintain more reliable systems:


“You can OOM a single NUMA node” thus entered my list of things to worry about when a box seems to have plenty of memory but still goes off and slaughters innocent (but big) processes.

Rachel Kroll

In this podcast episode, the panelists hold a retrospective for the snow-related delay of DevOps Days Baltimore. Toward the end they go into the idea of reliability and single points of failure with respect to conference planning. My favorite quote in the show, from Nell Shamrell-Harrington:

Incident Management is never about technology — it’s a people.

Nell Shamrell-Harrington and Nathen Harvey

I really love this Who, Me? section from The Register.

Simon Sharwood — The Register

This article has a great discussion of how to get started with chaos engineering — and how to avoid biting off more than you can chew.

Jennifer Riggins — The New Stack

Beamer is a stateless datacenter load balancer supporting both TCP and Multipath TCP (MPTCP). It manages to keep the load balancers stateless by taking advantage of connection state already held by servers.

Super-clever! The LB does keep state, but the size of the state is constant, unrelated to the number of connections flowing through it.

Adrian Colyer — summary, Olteanu et al. — original paper

Sometimes it’s worthwhile to lay everything out and describe just exactly what we’re up against as SREs. The analogies here are pretty awesome. Read this for a hefty dose of cynicism about the state of our increasingly computer-driven world.

Peter Welch


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