SRE Weekly Issue #118

Sorry, a little late this week as my family and I head off to Disney World! No issue next Sunday, and I’ll see you all on April 29.


SRE isn’t just a dedicated role. SRE is a behavior and culture purpose-built to improve collaboration and promote accountability. In the following article, Dan Hopkins, VP of Engineering at VictorOps, takes you on a journey to creating a positive internal perception of SRE within your organization:


I have different thoughts than the author on a few of the points, but it’s very useful and enlightening to see their thought process.

Will Gallego

What it says on the tin. Pretty neat CI setup!

Bridget Lane — USA Today

Full disclosure: Fastly, my employer, is mentioned.

“Why-run” mode is Chef’s “do nothing” or “dry run” mode. As it turns out, it may not be so useful when trying to figure out what Chef will do.

Julian Dunn — Chef

Lots of deep thoughts on what makes on-call hard and what we can do about it.

Cody Wilbourn

One little typo is all it took.

Rachel Kroll

Q&A about a task queuing system that freezes up if the queue is kept full at all times.

A new hire tells us what it’s like to get up to speed as an SRE at Hosted Graphite.

Evan Smith — Hosted Graphite


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