SRE Weekly Issue #106


See how AlienVault focuses their incident management on collaboration and shared responsibility while relying on the rules engine of the VictorOps Transmogrifier.


Chaos engineering is extremely useful, and Mathias Lafeldt has written plenty about its virtues. But as with everything, it’s important to be aware of its pitfalls and shortcomings too.

There’s been a lot of talk of firing (or worse) the person whose actions led to the false alarm in Hawaii. That’s why I’m especially glad to see this excellent analysis by Don Norman (The Design of Everyday Things and others). Bonus content: another article along the same vein with some more interesting tidbits.

Think twice before you disable swap, says Chris Down, an author of the upcoming cgroup v2 in the Linux kernel.

Catchpoint is running a survey of SREs and SRE-like folks, and I’d really appreciate it if you’d take a moment to fill it out. Not only will the resulting data be very interesting, but Catchpoint is donating $5 to charity for every survey completed. Let’s stuff that ballot box and get them to hit their cap of $3000!

The awesome continues this week with a discussion of the importance of simplicity in the design of a reliable system.

This article from Heidi Waterhouse at Launch Darkly starts off with a really interesting take on the Y2K bug and continues on to discuss risk management in operations.

This short article has an extremely cogent point: design your system to be flexible enough to allow the user to do something seemingly incorrect, because they might need to while responding to an incident!

LinkedIn had a problem: their on-call system was so dysfunctional that they had to scramble to find coverage for an engineer that had been scheduled to be on call when they were on vacation. They explain how they identified the problem, came up with a solution, and implemented it, including automation and cultural fixes.

If the phrase “a DevOps World” makes you feel ill, don’t dismiss this article from ACM Queue out of hand. It’s got some great points about designing effective monitoring, and I like the introduction of the “Real Systems Monitoring” concept (akin to “Real User Monitoring” or RUM).


  • Heroku
    • Heroku had a 29-hour impairment to their application log routing platform.
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